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Specials - Baltic States of Europe

from $10,995pp

Dictators, Despots & Dissidents

Berlin-Poznan-Wroclaw-Krakow-Warsaw-Vilnius-Riga-Tallinn-St Petersburg

4 - 24 June 2020

Specials - Dunes Delta & Falls Tour

from $11,995pp

Dunes Delta
& Falls

Encounter Africa with us as we visit some of Southern Africa's magical places.

12 - 27 July 2020

Specials - Israel Tour

from $6,995pp


Rich with the most poignant of holy sites and archaeological treasures.

4 - 17 September 2020

Specials - Patagonia & Argentina

from $10,995pp

Experience Patagonia & Argentina

Discover the Incredible Diversity of Cultures, Landscapes & Wildlife that is Patagonia & Argentina.

29 Jan - 19 Feb 2021

Specials - Tour of Alaska

from $2,499pp

Incredible Alaska -
Land + Sea Journeys

Award-winning Holland America Line have been cruising in Alaska for over 70 years and would love to help you explore Alaska's wonders.

Various in 2020

Specials - Treasures of Africa

from $12,995pp

of Africa

Encounter Africa with us as you visit some of the jewels and treasures of this great continent.

4 - 22 May 2020

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Encounter the Baltic States

Encounter the Baltic States with us as we visit some of the places of historical importance and experience the cultural gems the states are famous for. Our exclusive hosted tour ensures safe, relaxed travel with everything taken care of. The sights will fill you with awe and amazement. Join us on our Dictators, Despots & Dissidents tour and experience Europe for yourselves.

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